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We are committed to assisting you with your home energy goals. It’s what we do best!

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Why Get an Assessment?

Make the smart choice for your next home upgrade

California has set an ambitious state-wide energy reduction goal of 50% by the year 2030!  In order to reach this goal (as it pertains to residential homes), California has created energy programs (governed by the California Public Utilities Commission) to help homeowners upgrade their homes, reduce energy, save money and live more comfortably.  Some of these programs are no-cost, some are low-cost and some are share-of-cost… all working together in partnership with local counties and utility companies to provide rebates and incentives for you!

With a “whole house approach” energy assessment, you can expect the following:

     1) Your expert energy consultant will explain all applicable incentive programs offered by the California Public Utilities Commission as well as your local County/City incentive programs.

     2) Your expert energy consultant will work with you to come up with a game plan for your next home upgrade project.  This is accomplished through utility bill analysis, a walk-through of your home, and demonstration of the latest and greatest energy products on the market.

     3) Your expert energy consultant will provide you an opportunity to sign-up for one or more programs so you can start saving energy, saving money and living more comfortably!

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